I was born in Brazil and have a background in civil engineering followed by over a decade working as a fashion model, but it was in filmmaking I found my passion. I studied filmmaking at Lee Strasberg in New York and shortly after moved to Los Angeles.
My passion for film combined with activism led me to write, produce and direct a documentary about the Roger Federer Foundation’s work in Africa called A Visit to Remember. The film won, Best Director, Best Film and Best Cinematography awards at the Women’s Independent Film Festival.
As an active and engaged member of IDA (International Documentary Association), in 2014 I participated in the judging of the IDA Award for Best Documentary Feature, a prize awarded to the film Citizenfour, which also took home the Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature.
Quest for Beauty is my second documentary, a film that seeks to portray beauty in a more meaningful manner. The film was shot in 12 countries and had over 30 interviewees, from philosophers to fashion designers sharing their perspective on the subject. Pictures from the production were selected to participate in the 27th Annual GLAAD Media Award and Human Rights silent action.
I have also attended classes and workshops with film masters like Werner Herzog, Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award Nominee Mitchel Block, Academy Award Nominee Lucy Walker, Academy Award Winner Barbara Kopple and Academy Award Winner Laura Poitras. Recently, she was selected to be part of SIMA (Social Impact Movie Award) jury.
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