director: CRIS SAUR
During the Neolithic era, when the first civilizations started to form, they noticed that if they separated the female animals from the male, they would not procreate.
It was when men realized they were actually needed in order to create a new life. And that was the beginning of the patriarchy society, which is the opposite of the matriarchal, that's based on mutual respect.
Women, that up to that point, were considered special and god-like, for having the power to create life, started to be abused and dominated in order to guarantee the paternity.
For thousands of years women have been treated like male property, first dominated by their fathers and later by husbands.
The ancient goddess were replaced by gods and the world became very masculine and imbalanced without the yin female energy.
This series is a tribute and celebration of all women around the world and their incredible super powers, whether they know they have them or not.

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